Funding - Financing

Currently, the world’s trend has been directing to a green, clean environment and economical. You are planning to install solar power system to save electricity, save costs but you are still concerning about issues such as: investment costs, payback period, profitability, technology, electrical price, legal basis, …

Making the right investment decisions can be tough. Why not let REE SE help?

REE SE has the expertise and track record to deliver commercial savings and improved sustainability to your operations. We’ll ensure that you’ll enjoy consistently lower utility bills, high reliability, and improved living and working conditions.

We offer clients financed solutions based upon long-term Power Purchase Agreements.

We design, build, finance and operate the solutions we provide and you get to enjoy lower energy costs and improved environmental benefits.

Please contact us – REE Solar Energy Joint Stock Company (“REE SE”) to give us the opportunity to empower you to control your own power consumption.

Let REE SE give you access to safe energy and eco-friendly to you.

REE SE always wants the very best for you, and we are always ready to accompany you in contributing to create a green world, a clean world for the future and the next generations.